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Yoga Class

Class Descriptions

Tai Chi

This class focuses on the simple and easy-to-learn exercises and movement patterns of Wuji Qigong. Through these movements stress begins to melt away, your joints start to feel a bit more open, and those everyday movements start to feel less restricted leaving you feeling much better than when you arrived to class. The exercises of Wuji Qigong can be done from a standing or seated position (chairs are provided). There are an endless number of variations so that all students will have a chance to experience the gentle power of Wuji Qigong regardless of ability. Everyone is welcome and these exercises are suitable for all abilities and all ages.


Fundamentals – This is an entry level class suitable for everyone.

Progressions – This is a more advanced class where we build on what you’ve already learned and expand your knowledge with new movement and energetic awareness.


Daoist yoga is the exercise branch of the broad, but very practical, system of Chinese self-care called yangsheng, literally “nourishing life.” The postures and exercises of Daoist Yoga focus on improving your natural integration by utilizing principles such as yin and yang, the five phases, and animal mimicry. In Daoist Yoga, you gently contract, stretch, and massage the muscles and channels of the limbs and torso, reliably creating a state of ease and flow. The secular practices of Daoist Yoga have been popular for so many thousands of years that they form an essential part of the foundation of qigong and Chinese gongfu, including “external” systems rooted in Shaolin, as well as “internal” systems such as taiji. Echoes of these seemingly magically effective practices can also be seen in religious rituals, meditative alchemy, and modern psychotherapy. The goal of each practice session is to help you bring about a state of natural balance through rediscovering and enhancing the networks of well-being that sit below the surface quietly waiting for your attention.

Yoga Class for all Ages

Yoga Fusion addresses the elements of our human being; the mental, emotional, energetic, and physical being. Practices will be used from both Taoist and Indian yoga traditions, and will include Hatha Yoga poses and breathing, qigong, Taiji Quan postures, self-massage, yoga philosophy, and meditation. The practice will take a holistic approach that involves building awareness of the various levels of our being (mental, emotional, bio-energetic, and physical). The goal is to build an actual skill set that will allow us to become self-empowered in managing our own holistic health. We will be actively working to transform our relationship to our body and our minds. The class will usually begin with a short lecture or discussion to introduce the principles that will be covered during the class. The class will end in seated meditation.

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